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Civil Rights
Petition Demand For Investigation of The Church of Scientology
We, the undersigned, demand that the United States Department of Justice, immediately and without delay, commence an investigation into the activities of the Church of Scientology.
Disability Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund
Our mission is to secure and advance the civil rights of people with disabilities.
The Facts The Facts
We are not denying the fact that child abuse does occur and those that commit such a heinous crime should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  It is not our intention to obstruct justice in any way.  However, for those that are truly innocent and have been falsely accused, we offer our resources so they may prepare themselves for the nightmare that lies ahead.
Federal Cure Federal Cure
Federal CURE, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that deals solely with the issues faced by federal inmates and their loved ones. We are working to promote a system that incarcerates fewer people and provides humane conditions for those who are incarcerated or under post-incarceration supervision via parole or supervised release.
Fight CVS Fight CVS and Win
This website exists to address the needs of families who are having legal problems with the child welfare services industry due to unjust or false accusations, misrepresentations, mistakes of fact, or exaggerations of circumstance.
  Hate-Crime Network
Hate-Crime Network gives hate survivors a chance to tell someone what happened to them, as well as giving virtually anyone with e-mail or Web access a chance to send personal messages to the victims, offering them compassion, encouragement, and hope.
Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities
HRCBM is a worldwide campaigning movement dedicated to protecting the human rights of people in Bangladesh. In particular, we work for minorities in Bangladesh. We stand with victims and activists to prevent discrimination, to uphold political freedom, to protect people from inhumane conduct, and to bring offenders to justice.
Janes Due Process Jane's Due Process
Jane's DUE PROCESS (JDP) is a non-profit organization that serves as an information and advocacy center dedicated to promoting the fair application of the judicial bypass option of the Texas parental notification law.
Japanese Japanese American Citizens League
JACL is a membership organization whose mission is to secure and maintain the human and civil rights of Americans of Japanese ancestry and others victimized by injustice.
The Law Foundation The Law Foundation
The Law Foundation is a non-profit agency that provides free legal services to individuals in need in Silicon Valley. It does so through its five legal services programs.
Local Black Local Black
We are a Civil Rights Support Organization dedicated to the socioeconomic development and empowerment of Blacks in the United States of America.
Muslim Muslim Public Affairs Council
The Muslim Public Affairs Council is a public service agency working for the civil rights of American Muslims, for the integration of Islam into American pluralism, and for a positive, constructive relationship between American Muslims and their representatives.
National National Council of Jewish Women
NCJW is a volunteer organization, inspired by Jewish values, that works through a program of research, education, advocacy and community service to improve the quality of life for women, children and families and strives to ensure individual rights and freedoms for all.
Today, we face a renewed effort as the forces of racism and retrogression in America are again on the rise. Many of the hard-earned civil rights gains of the past three decades are under assault.
Nigerian Center for Gender, Health and Human Rights
NCGHHR   is the foremost center to focus on gender, health and human rights, and combines strong commitment to service and advocacy with Human rights education in Nigeria and the sub-Saharan region of Africa. NCGHHR is a non-profit, non-governmental organization.
People People for the American Way
People For the American Way organizes and mobilizes Americans to fight for fairness, justice, civil rights and the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.
Reddress Redress
Redress, Inc. is a new (2002) Nevada Corporation pending nonprofit status, created to combat corruption.  Our purpose is to provide real assistance and solutions for citizens suffering from injustices.  We operate as a formal business, with a Board of Directors guiding us.
Safer Child Safer Child
No one's born knowing how to parent. It's okay to ask for help -- and it's smart. We want you to have the most professional and accurate links so that you don't have to slog through the Internet yourself. In the process, hopefully we're helping your child -- and the other children of the world -- be healthier and safer.
Two Edged Sword Two Edged Sword
We are living in a world of rapid change; some for betterment and some for regression of our basic human rights. We find our Nation at war in this twenty first century when peace should be sought by any and all means.
United United States Commission on Civil Rights
The United States Commission on Civil Rights is an independent, bipartisan, fact-finding agency of the executive branch first established under the Civil Rights Act of 1957.

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